Indulge, Pamper and Treat your body to our amazing miracle massages.

Beauty Treatments

Enjoy that silky smooth skin - Try our waxing packages

Pain Management

Non-invasive drug free therapy for pain releif

Kinesiology/Spinal Flow

Come in and have a chat and let your body do the talking to assess the best treatment

Synergy Packages

Treat yourself or that someone special with a Spring Evolution –  Triple Packages

ASEA Cellular Health

Redox Signalling Molecules Totally Natural 100% non toxic and essential to the body

Facials / Beauty

Nourish and Glow - a facial to suit your every desire


Embrace the Synergy of combined modalities and build belief in yourself.

Integrated Healing

Taking the next step to reveal the new you.


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VitaminSea @ Birdsong and the Synergy Centre

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