Come in and have a chat and let your body do the talking to assess the best treatment.

Feeling scrambled, not coping, pain, nothing else is working. Let us help find where the imbalance is and identify what the priority really is, so you can create that feeling of well being.

A Kinesiologist, using simple muscle monitoring, can identify the most beneficial technique from range of modalities and a toolbox of structural, biochemical, emotional. electrical and spiritual processes, such as:

  • gently stimulating acupressure points

  • tracing or massaging meridians

  • clearing reactive muscle patterns

  • clearing hidden programmes

  • reframing belief systems

  • releasing PTSD

  • teaching imagery/visualisation

  • identifying and clearing toxicities

  • Stimulating and supporting the body's own ability to heal itself.


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VitaminSea @ Birdsong and the Synergy Centre

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