Mandi Stevenson
Wellness Practitioner & Holistic Coach

Mandi is a Holistic Coach and Level 4 Kinesiologist accredited with the Australian Kinesiology Association, qualified in SCENAR, Spinal Flow and Integrated Healing and Cellular Health Coaching to help you heal and grow from your cells to your soul

Mandi's amazing ability to connect with you in empathy and compassion on a deeper level is where you will begin your journey of healing.

Bronwyn Burke
Massage & Reiki Therapist & NLP Life Coach

Bronwyn is an NLP and Velocity Life Coach and  gifted massage therapist with 25 years experience combining a massage unlike no other with energetic techniques to create exceptional bespoke treatments, filled with love and life force energy to accompany your healing journey.  

Sally Miles
Massage Therapist

Sally is a very professional massage therapist who draws on her skills in other energy modalities to give a deep therapeutic massage experience. 

Sally's gift of sensing what you need on the day will see you walking away with a new spring in your step without those niggling aches and pains.

Megan Pricolo

Megan’s journey hadn't always been smooth, with a life long battle with Weight, Illness, Depression and Self-Loathing.

Discovering ThetaHealing® in 2015 changed Megan’s direction and led her to begin living a life of purpose and service to others. 

Working 1:1 with Megan she will guide you intuitively to clear limiting past programming and beliefs,replacing them with new empowering belief systems that serve your highest good and purpose.


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