Kinesiology is a safe and gentle process combining the ancient knowledge of Chinese acupuncture, anatomy and physiology, energy medicine, psychology, neurolinguistic programming techniques and nutritional balancing to restore total balance and synergy to body, mind and spirit.


A Kinesiologist, using simple muscle monitoring, can identify the most beneficial technique from range of modalities and a toolbox of structural, biochemical, emotional. electrical and spiritual processes, such as

  • gently stimulating acupressure points

  • tracing or massaging meridians

  • clearing reactive muscle patterns

  • clearing hidden programmes

  • reframing belief systems

  • releasing PTSD

  • teaching imagery/visualisation

  • identifying and clearing toxicities

  • Stimulating and supporting the body's own ability to heal itself.

Kinesiology can help with:


By tapping into the body's own energy systems, we can stimulate them and create synergies and energy flow thereby balancing the whole system. 


An important component of a Kinesiology balance is helping the client identify with the underlying emotional trigger, release the negative emotions and equip the client with new coping strategies to handle stress better 


We are constantly bombarded with toxins in our everyday life, and they can build up in the body.  We have gentle non-invasive techniques to help the body get rid of the toxins and become stronger.

Cellular Health

Vital health at the cellular level.

ASEA is a brand new breakthrough Redox Signalling technology that can boost the whole body's ability  to improve cellular health by identifying healthy cells and protecting them, or alerting the body to repair or replace unhealthy cells. 



Identifying the underlying cause of headaches and allowing the client to prioritise the treatment from a range of corrections can be very effective.

Pain Management

The RITM SCENAR device is a revolutionary Pain Management tool, that uses the body's own feedback mechanism to identify and reframe the neurology of pain and other issues.